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Last fall, the touted a “revolutionary” weight-loss supplement derived from an Indonesian plant call garcinia cambogia. And even though the medical technology neighborhood is still uncertain concerning the "breakthrough" diet claims, the non-prescription supplement’s popularity has actually since exploded. But an innovative new report suggests that many garcinia cambogia tablets offered on the web or in shops have only a fraction of the main element plant ingredient noted on their particular labels.

ConsumerLab.com—an independent organization that tests the product quality and safety of wellness services and products—examined 11 quite well-known garcinia cambogia supplements, including a number of whose packaging untruthfully claimed recommendations through the The Dr. Oz Show. Six of those supplements contained much less hydroxycitric acid (HCA)—the plant’s alleged weight-loss component—than had been noted on the container. In reality, one garcinia cambogia product contained simply 16percent of their advertised HCA. “Most [garcinia] services and products in the marketplace don’t in fact deliver what’s noted on their labels, ” claims Tod Cooperman, MD, president of ConsumerLab.com (see their complete study here).

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