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Slimmer you Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Slimmer You Garcinia Cambogia i recently wanna state I wanted to try your product and was very excited. When I = got the 14 test container I tried it for approximately per week and a half and got sick = taking this for per week. We called customer support to terminate your order. My C= ard was recharged on for 80 some bucks. I get that too, but if i= ‘m cancelling why have always been we however being charged. you customer care representative tells = myself that you don't offer 14 time trials. she says the bottle is a 60 time supply th= at i acquired. NOT TRUE. the container is wearing it 30 capsules, you take 2 aday so th= at 14 well 15 times, not a 30 time. all i'd like is usually to be reimbursed the cash = I was charged on . Your ex did terminate my order, so many thanks for= that although i've yet to have a conformation on that. I asked to speak t= o a supervisor and she declined. After that to top it well she threaten to hang up = on me. Not very good customer care. through the entire thing we wasnt mad = or increased my sound until she threatened to disconnect the phone call. and so I apolog= ize for that. Will there be whatever you may do? - See more at: Wilmington Delaware

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I recently wanna state I wanted for their your product and was really excited. Whenever I got the 14 trial bottle I tried it for around a week and a half and got unwell taking this for weekly. We labeled as customer care to cancel the order. My C‘m cancelling the reason why am we however becoming recharged. you customer support representative tellsme that you don't offer 14 day studies. she claims the bottle is a 60 day supply that I got. NOT TRUE. the container is wearing it 30 capsules, you are taking 2 aday to ensure that 14 well 15 times, perhaps not a 30 time. all i would like will be reimbursed the funds
that although i've however getting a conformation thereon. I inquired to speak to a supervisor and she refused. Then to top it well she jeopardize to hold upon me personally. Not very good customer service. through the whole thing we wasnt angry or lifted my vocals until she threatened to disconnect the phone call. and so I apologize for that. Will there be anything you can perform?

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